Common Faults And Maintenance Suggestions

In the process of daily use, ultrasonic cleaning equipment will encounter some problems. The following are the suggestions and related measures provided by our professional after-sales maintenance personnel; if the cleaning equipment encounters the following problems, we can assist customers in simple maintenance work.


Thermostat does not display Change the new one


Thermostat shows OOO Check and replace the temperature sensor


Timetable not showing Replacement schedule


The timetable goes very fast Reset the schedule or change the schedule


Split machine without ultrasound Check if the fan rotates - rotate, remove the board and dry it with a blower; if it does not rotate - the insurance is burned, check the rectifier bridge for repair or replace the motherboard


no heating If the heating contactor does not pull in, check the temperature control meter or temperature sensor; if the heating contactor does not pull in, replace the heating tube


Power on light is off Check whether the phase sequence protector is on green light, if not, focus on checking whether the phase sequence is correct


Fan turns without ultrasound Ultrasonic fuse is on red light; focus on checking rectifier bridge; motherboard; module. Replace damaged electrical components


Fan turns without ultrasound The main board lights up red; the frequency is re-adjusted; if there is no improvement, the current limit is appropriately increased


Fan not turning Replacing a non-working fan


Fan does not change without ultrasonic Focus on checking what causes the ultrasonic contactor not to pull in


heating trip Remove the wire from one heating tube and test each heating tube separately


Water leaking from heating pipe Replace the heating tube gasket


Main board green light on without ultrasound Focus on checking which transducer is causing the short circuit

If the above suggestions cannot solve your problem, please contact us in time; our email: or whatsapp: 0086 15221337708

Post time: Oct-21-2022