Auto Parts Cleaning

Industrial cleaning applications include the production process of automobile parts, aviation parts, hydraulic components, etc., and cleaning before packaging finished products; the design of the cleaning system includes cleaning processes, cleaning functions, structural forms, operating methods, personnel input, and floor space. area, economic investment.

Cleaning Process Refers To

Select the appropriate cleaning medium according to the material of the cleaning parts and the characteristics of the pollutants to achieve the purpose of decontaminating and protecting the substrate;

Common Cleaning Functions

Ultrasonic cleaning, spray cleaning, immersion cleaning, mechanical cleaning, high-pressure cleaning, etc. To be precise, there is no one cleaning method that replaces another. It is just that in a specific environment, one cleaning method is more suitable to choose;

Structure Type

Refers to the way the equipment completes the production process and the mechanical appearance: robotic arm form, mesh chain type, multi-functional integrated type, etc.; the appearance can be fully enclosed, open or semi-enclosed;

Operation Method

Generally refers to fully automatic, manual and semi-automatic

Covered Area & Economic Investment

Generally, it is the comprehensive equipment investment that producers need to consider; the start-up operation rate of the equipment and the dynamic production capacity must be reasonably combined.

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