Enter US market – overseas warehouse

After 3 months of efforts with Toolots, Tense's industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment began to sell in the United States, the current sales models are TS-3600B(81gal),TS-4800B(110gal); The pipe connection and voltage meet the local requirements. The power supply requirement is 220V.3-phase, 60hz. With 1unit big basket and 1unit small basket.

This series of ultrasonic cleaning equipment is mainly used for engine, transmission, turbocharger and other automotive parts in the process of maintenance, remanufacturing cleaning applications; Compressor, hydraulic parts, mold and other mechanical parts maintenance, processing process cleaning application.

ultrasonic cleaning equipment can find our products through the sales platform of Tuolasi website by searching keywords ultrasonic cleaner, online procurement through the platform, the customer service staff will arrange the delivery according to the order time after checking the order in the platform system, the delivery time is expected to take 3~5 working days. Us warehouse address:17783 Indian Street Moreno Valley, CA 92551

Or use the link below to search directly for our information.

TS-3600B with volume 81gal


TS-4800B with volumen 110gal


In early May, we will ship a batch of ultrasonic cleaners to replenish our stock. Ensure customers can timely purchase the appropriate model.


Post time: Apr-25-2023