Tense provide FOB SERVICE

FOB cost composition

Our equipment quotations generally provide EXW works and FOBshanghai (because we are close to Shanghai port). Here, we will explain the composition of the quotation of FOB shanghai. FOB is the acronym of Free On Board in English, and the Chinese name is FOB. That is to say, after we send the cleaning equipment to the designated warehouse in Shanghai to complete the export declaration, the operation of the entire order is completed.

FOB quotation = cargo price + trailer + customs declaration + port of departure fee

Molde Equipment cost Trailer + customs declaration + port of departure fee 
TS-3600A US$4900 US$450
TS-3600B US$3800 US$400
TS-4800B US$4700 US$400
TS-4800A US$6100 US$450
TS-UD200 US$10,950 US$500
TS-UD300 US$12,800 US$550




Post time: Jul-17-2022