Foil test for ultrasonic cleaners

1.Obtain a piece of standard household aluminium foil measuring approx. 1 inch greater than the depth of the tank by approximately the width (long dimension) of the tank.
2.Before placing the foil in the tank, turn the ultrasonic cleaner on for few minutes to degas.
3.Place foil sample which was prepared in step 1 into the tank in a vertical position. The foil long dimension should be positioned with the long tank dimension. The foil should extend downward, but should not touch the tank bottom. This is illustrated below.


4.Hold the foil as steady as possible to the centre of the tank and turn the ultrasonic cleaner on for 10-15 seconds.

5.Turn the cleaner off and remove the foil sample. Shake the foil sample dry of any water droplets.

6.The result will show that foil surfaces are uniformly perforated and evenly covered with tiny pebbling effect over the entire surface.

7.Our aluminium foil test result exhibits a greater density of prick pin holes and perforations with more uniform and even distribution of ultrasonic cleaning power throughout the liquid. Will your ultrasonic cleaner achieve this result?

Post time: Jun-09-2022