Ultrasonic cleaning is extremely effective at removing dirt and grime—even in the smallest of crevices. Normally, this would require tedious hand cleaning. Ultrasonic mobile cleaning machines from TENSE’S sit on casters for easy rolling throughout your facility. The portability of these machines also makes it possible to fit them within an assembly line. It’s high-performance cleaning that cleans your parts faster and cheaper than the alternatives.

Our ultrasonic mobile cleaning machines include TSD-6000A, TSD-7000A and TSD-8000A.




Oil skimmer function

During cleaning, oil, grease and light dirt will raise to the surface of the water. If this is not removed, the cleaned components will become dirty as they are raised up through the surface.

The surface skimmer function flushes the water surface after each cleaning cycle, before the basket is raised out of the tank. This ensures completely clean components after each cleaning cycle. The dirt, oil & grease removed from the surface is collected in the oil skimmer where oil and grease is skimmed off.


Volume 784 liters 205 gallons
Dimensions (L×W×H)  1860×1490×1055mm 73”×58”×41”
Tank size (L×W×H)  1400×800×700mm 49"×31"×27"
Useful size (L×W×H)  1260×690×550mm 49"×27"×22"
Ultrasonic power 

8.0 Kw

Ultrasonic frequency 


Heating power 

22 Kw

Oil skimmer (W)


Circulating pump power 


Packing Size (mm)





1)According to standard, equipment must be grounded

2)Do not use wet hands to operate buttons to prevent electric shock or electrical damage.

3)Workpiece placed in actual carrying baskets prevail , not blindly placing cause serious distortion baskets

4)Hot water ( temperature ≥ 80 ℃) can not be directly added to cleaning tank.

5)Must be cleaned by specifying tooling prohibited parts directly into the tank cleaning

6)Lifting into the slot , to ensure slow into slow out, avoid  , throw, hit , crash .

7)When removed the machine, Ensure that all off the zero line connection is correct before use.

8)Replacement due to damage electrical components should be strictly in accordance with the electrical wiring diagram , do not arbitrarily replace the wiring and specifications

9)material box into the platform components shall not exceed four with peripheral, nor under the fixed plate.


Tense's industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine can better meet the needs of surface cleaning of metal parts, please check the effect comparison chart with pictures; it can clean cylinders, cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, pistons, crankshafts, connecting rods, etc.



Application scenarios

Common customer groups Car maintenance, boring cylinder grinder center, gearbox maintenance,remanufacturing maintenance industry.

Post time: Nov-25-2022