Industrial cleaning equipment procurement process

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Pending agreement with the customer. The customer is ready to order cleaning equipment.


The process we need to go through is roughly as follows:

Step 1: The customer sends a purchase order or a purchase contract

Step 2: The factory prepares a pro forma invoice based on the information provided by the customer and replies to the customer

Step 3: The customer arranges the payment transaction according to the back-signed documents

Step 4: After the factory checks the payment to the account, arrange production tasks

Step 5: Regularly inform customers about the production cycle

Step 6: After the production is completed, notify the customer in advance to arrange the receipt of goods

Step 7: Arrange Shipping

Step 8: Prepare the customs clearance documents required by the customer.


Before the customer arranges the purchase order, all the details will be communicated and confirmed with the customer in the form of documents and texts.

Post time: Sep-26-2022