Spray cleaning equipment—customer site feedback

The spray cleaning equipment adopts high-pressure nozzle design, mainly for large-scale components of industrial and mining enterprises,

such as large-scale engines, compressors, oil pumps, hydraulic structural parts and other maintenance and surface cleaning in the remanufacturing process;

it can quickly remove surface oil, etc.It can carry parts weight of 2.5T; a variety of models meet customer needs.

COHCH East China Regional Mining Construction Machinery Overhaul Center Site;Located in Tongling City, Anhui Province; mainly for construction

machinery maintenance; we can see customers cleaning some large parts at the site, the objects are relatively heavy, and the parts can be lifted onto

the pallet by auxiliary tools;For the spray equipment, we purchased a triangular design at the door; it is to take into account the movement of parts;

it is convenient to move to the tray and take it off.This equipment is simple to install and easy to operate; after the equipment is placed in a suitable factory

area,it needs to adjust the horizontal position; connect the water inlet and drain; at the same time, it needs to provide a suitable power supply, this standard

power supply is 380V;The spray cleaning equipment is controlled by PLC, and the parameter setting is convenient. It can provide the function of reservation heating.


The multi-directional nozzle design can ensure 360° cleaning, so that the parts can be cleaned more thoroughly.



Jobson Far East Co. Ltd. Hull generator cylinder head cleaning, customers are mainly engaged in ship maintenance industry. This company is located in Shanghai;

before that, the customer visited the TENSE factory to have a simple understanding of the spray equipment, and in 2022, the spray equipment will be purchased and

put into their maintenance production line.The customer used the traditional manual cleaning method before, soaking the parts in a tank, taking them out after a period

of time, and brushing them manually. Now the use of cleaning equipment can greatly save cleaning time.





Post time: Aug-24-2022