The 16th Cinte techtextil China Exhibition in Shanghai

The exhibition will be held from September 19 to 21. During this exhibition, TENSE mainly displayed the latest research and development of non-woven spinneret cleaning equipment and polyester spinneret cleaning equipment; The spinneret is treated by water particles, using room temperature water. No need to add chemicals.

During the exhibition, we visited some domestic and foreign customers, and our colleagues also explained the questions of customers.

At the same time, we also show the standard cleaning equipment; Ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

The whole machine is centrally controlled by PLC, and all working parameters are set by touching the LCD screen. The operator places the parts on the material carrier through the hoisting equipment, and starts the cleaning equipment with one key. The parts automatically descend and sink into the aqueous solution of the tank body; during the cleaning process, the pneumatic lifting device moves up and down to reduce the dead angle of cleaning. After the cleaning is completed, the parts will automatically rise out of the water surface to complete a complete cleaning process.


Cleaning application of engine, gearbox, turbocharger and other auto parts in maintenance and remanufacturing process.

Maintenance of compressors, hydraulic parts, molds and other mechanical parts, ultrasonic cleaning machines applications during processing.

Process cleaning of precision parts such as auto parts, valves, housings, bearings, etc.

Model TS-UD100 TS-UD200 TS-UD300
Volume(ltr) 150 300 420
Useful size (cm) 60×40×30 90×40×42 110×50×42
Dimension (cm) 161×105×145 188×106×169 207×118×169
Max.load capacity (kg) 40 80 200
Rated power(KW) 8.0 12.0 14.0
Heating (KW) 6.6 10.0 10.0
Ultrasonic power(KW) 1.2 1.8 3.0
Ultrasonic frequency(KHz) 28 28 28
Oil skimmer (W) 15 15 15
Transducer Qty. (pcs) 26 40 68


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Post time: Sep-28-2023