The development history of the cooperative customer maintenance workshop

As a long-term cooperative supplier of Nanjing Bus Company, Tense has been cooperating for 8 years, from the initial provision of oily parts cleaning equipment; to the reconstruction of the alkaline water boiler in the cleaning workshop, and the environmental protection project of sewage regeneration treatment and reuse, until today. From the initial cooperation in the early years to the in-depth cooperation today, we can see that the development of Nanjing Public Transport is advancing with the times, pioneering and innovating. The rapid development of enterprises has undergone earth-shaking changes from maintenance workshops, standard operations, safety regulations, and workshop management.
Cleaning workshop in 2014 – At this time, the cleaning method is more traditional; most parts are manually cleaned, which consumes time and labor costs. In the subsequent cooperation process, the improvement of Nanjing Bus Company’s own factory area has successively added related ultrasonic waves. Cleaning equipment, high-pressure spray cleaning equipment,


In 2016, the maintenance workshop of Nanjing Bus Company has undergone overall changes:


As a professional manufacturer of industrial cleaning equipment, Tense has nearly 20 years of production experience. We provide customers not only a service of equipment sales, but also a long-term cooperation. We can obtain complete Cleaning line program and subsequent cleaning wastewater, sewage treatment and other programs. Including other industrial tools used by bus companies such as lifts, torque wrenches, jacks, tire changers.
Adhering to the concept of “customers, enterprises, and employees prosper together”; cooperate with customer requirements to maximize the effect.


Post time: Aug-26-2022