The Importance of Cleaning detergent

With the gradual development of the national economy, industrial production is also more and more attention, the requirements of industrial production is becoming higher and higher, cleaner production has become an essential work of industrial development, especially in the use of our ultrasonic cleanert or parts washers at the same time, must be used and cleaning agent;

Industrial cleaning agent has the following functions:

1. The cleaning of industrial production equipment and machinery can extend the service life;

2. The cleaning of industrial production equipment and machinery can reduce the obstruction of dirt and improve industrial efficiency;

3. Cleaning of products can improve the quality and performance of products;

4. It is conducive to the maintenance of the device and equipment, can maintain the nature of the material surface and ensure the implementation of the subsequent production process.

5. Reduce production accidents, prevent the production process and equipment caused by dirt, resulting in various accidents, to ensure safety and conducive to human health.

So before industrial cleaning, we must first understand the cleaning object, understand the material properties of the cleaning object, analyze the reasons for cleaning dirt, dirt categories, different cleaning methods can be used. Such as physical cleaning technology and chemical cleaning technology, in which physical cleaning mainly uses mechanical tools to produce vibration so that the surface dirt of the cleaning object is cleaned, such as ultrasonic cleaning technology; Chemical cleaning mainly uses solvent and dirt reaction to be cleaned off, chemical cleaning often uses acid or alkaline cleaning agent, can clean the object surface dirt thoroughly clean, and cleaning speed is fast, but easy to clean the object caused certain damage, especially metal products are easy to be corroded, need to add some corrosion inhibitors.

Therefore, choose the right cleaning agent, will get twice the result with half the effort. Improve the cleaning effect.

Post time: Feb-24-2023