Use of material frame

When the customers received the ULTRASONIC CLEANER,You will find that our ultrasonic cleaning equipment will provide a big basket at random; this material frame plays a very important role. We have conventional standard baskets, and also provide customized baskets according to different customer requirements;

The following is a picture of our regular big basket; The standard basket does not allow the use of lifting tools to directly hook the four rings above it in normal use; it is not enough to bear the load. If the customer needs to use the lifting tool to lift the baskets; please inform us in advance of this requirement.Its material is stainless steel 304. It is assembled by welding.Its material is stainless steel 304. It is assembled by welding.

Material frame-1

We need to pay attention to the following points in the process of using cleaning equipment: When we put the auto parts into the basket. We need to pay attention to some detials. The first: Do not exceed the maximum loading capacity of the basket. The second: Please do not put auto parts into the tank diretly. We should put the parts into basket and then into the cleaner’s tank. At the same time; we need to observe that the part does not protrude from the position of the basket. It is not recommended to put more parts than the maximum load capacity of the material frame. In the case of stacking, it is easy to affect the cleaning effect.The third;During the cleaning process, we do not recommend stacking; it is recommended to put less parts and wash them multiple times; in this case, the cleaning effect will much better.

Customized baskets photos.

Material frame-2
Material frame-3

Post time: Nov-17-2022