Custom industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment -4 tanks

Tense factory was founded in 2005. Jerry Hong, our founder, has worked in the industrial cleaning industry for more than 20 years and has rich experience. Our research and development team has 5 people. We provide suitable cleaning equipment solutions according to customer's requirements.

The customized 4-tanks ultrasonic cleaning equipment we discussed was customized by a Mexican customer. We cooperated in 2016. In the past few years, the customer has purchased the same type of equipment for many times. In the very early days when we received the inquiry from the customer, they provided the photos of the parts they needed to be cleaned, th net weight, and the quantity they needed to be cleaned every day.

The customer also proposed the cleaning process. After many times of communication, we provided a four-tank cleaning program.

Ultrasonic cleaning in the first tank, ultrasonic rinsing in the second tank, rust prevention in the third tank, and drying in the fourth tank.

In the whole working link, the equipment is fully automatic.

Vibration box design is convenient for equipment maintenance, thermal insulation cotton cover, reduce noise, and water contact surface are made of stainless steel material.

40KHZ high frequency transducer, precision cleaning.

Filter, oil water separator, double filter device

PLC control is simple and easy to operate

Agitation design

Our equipment has been gradually upgraded from the basic model in 2016 to the latest one at present.


If you need to customize the equipment, please feel free to contact us.

Post time: Mar-24-2023