China Automatic Transmission Summit Of Technology

2023 The fourth National Gearbox Summit Accessories exhibition has come to an end, during this exhibition, our exhibitors related personnel mainly the following three types of industrial cleaning equipment for a detailed overview:

Equipment 1: Part cleaning equipment model TS-P800; Mainly clean small parts, can carry up to 220 kg, the overall material is stainless steel; The equipment adopts nozzle design, which can be rotated 360 degrees without dead Angle cleaning.

Equipment 2: industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment, ultrasonic frequency 28KHZ; Three-sided ultrasonic layout, can set the cleaning temperature and heating time; It can clean the contaminants that can be seen by the naked eye on the surface of the cylinder block, cylinder head, gearbox and other parts. 

Equipment 3: Hydrocarbon cleaning equipment, by adding a special volume, this equipment is also used to clean various pollutants.

During the reference period, our staff had the honor to participate in the interview stage and professionally reply to the problems encountered in the relevant cleaning; Tense has been dedicated to industrial cleaning equipment since its inception. We can provide customers with more professional cleaning solutions and insights.

Post time: Jul-18-2023