Ultrasonic cleaner TS series

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TS series has been specifically designed for the cleaning and degreasing of all type of parts and components in Automotive industry. It achieves excellent cleaning results in many types of materials, especially in complex parts, where the ultrasounds have excellent results thanks to its high penetration capacity.  Thus, the results while cleaning automobile engines are spectacular, even in those smaller and delicate parts.

Our Automotive series uses 28 kHz frequency with which the best results for the Automotive Sector are achieved.

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    Structure and function

    TS series ultrasonic cleaning machine has been in the market for 15 years. The cleaning machine has undergone many rounds of optimization in terms of appearance, accessories and structure. It is a very mature cleaning product of our company. The main functions of the equipment include: digital display temperature control, digital display timing, ultrasonic cleaning; the equipment is equipped with casters and horizontal adjustment brackets that can be easily moved, and is equipped with manual water inlets, drains and overflows. This series of products is divided into A-type and B-type configurations, among which the A-type configuration adds the function of an oil-water separation device. For some large-sized models, a pneumatic door opening assist device is additionally configured. We use 3*380V for the conventional power supply of the equipment, and also support the customization of other different power supplies, such as 3*220V, etc. Please pay attention to it when ordering the equipment. All parts of the washing machine in contact with water are made of SUS304 material.


    TS 系列产品图片


    Model TS-800 TS-2000 TS-3600B TS-3600A TS-4800B
    Dimension(cm)L×W×H 85 x 55 x 60 110×67×74 146×100×92 146 x 124 x 92 168×105×97
    Tank volume 47ltr. 120ltr. 300ltr. 300ltr. 430ltr.
    Tank size(cm) L×W×H 45×35×30 75×40×40 100×55×56 100×55×56 120×60×60
    Basket size(cm)L×W×H 37×30×21 67×36×32 92×51×42 92×51×42 117×56×49
    Heating power(kw) 2.5 6.6 10 10 10
    Ultrasonicpower(kw) 0.55 1.1 1.8 1.8 3.5
    Oil skimmer NO NO NO YES/15W NO
    Model TS-4800A TSD-6000B TSD-6000A TSD-7000A TSD-8000A
    Dimension(cm)L×W×H 168 x 122 x 97 188×127×110 188×144×110 246×180×146 260×195×160
    Tank volume 430ltr. 780ltr. 780ltr. 1100ltr. 1600ltr.
    Tank size(cm) L×W×H 120×60×60 140×80×70 140×80×70 170×90×75 200×100×80
    Basket size(cm)L×W×H 117×56×49 126×69×56 126×69×56 153×73×58 186×86×68
    Heating power(kw) 10 22 22 22 30
    Ultrasonic power(kw) 3.5 5.3 5.3 12 16
    Oil skimmer YES/15W NO YES/15W  YES/15W YES/15W



    • TENSE cleaning at temperatures between 60~65° C
    • Piezo transducer at the bottom or at the sides
    • Tank made of 2.0 mm welded stainless steel
    • Outer cladding completely in stainless steel
    • Integrated ultrasonic generator
    • Stainless steel lid with handle
    • With timer, heating time and temperature function
    • Acid resistant stainless steel drain valve
    • Pneumatic door 
    • Small parts basket and washing baskets
    • Oil skimmer 


    The high-efficiency cleaning effect and low-cost investment of industrial single-tank ultrasonic cleaning equipment are very popular with customers. This series of cleaning equipment is widely used in some auto repair shops, engine and gearbox maintenance companies and some construction machinery maintenance companies. Through cleaning the processing of the machine can bring a very good effect to the surface of the aluminum alloy metal, and even restore the luster of the surface of the new part. It has a very obvious effect on the cleaning of carbon deposits in the exhaust holes of the engine cylinder head; it also has a very obvious cleaning effect on some very precise parts in the gearbox, such as valve plates.


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