Israeli Customer Visit Tense Ultrasonic Cleaner Factory

Yehuda and Yuval are very welcome to take time out of their busy schedule to visit the Tense. Yuhuda currently runs an industrial cleaning equipment company with more than 40 years of production and sales experience. They also have 20 years of experience in import and export business. At present, most of the equipment is purchased from Chinese enterprises.

Tense is very welcome partners to visit, in the course of this visit; We got to know each other better. We have prepared a demonstration of the cleaning effect of the TS-P800 equipment. At the same time, TS-L-WP series equipment is also arranged for customers to check.

TS-P800 ultrasonic parts cleaner is welded with stainless steel tank. It can quickly clean the oil stains on the surface of parts by water pressure. Stainless steel heating function; easy to operate and simple.

It is very suitable for cleaning small parts. The maximum load is 220kg.

Dimensions (L×W×H) 1500 x 1360 x 1900mm
Max cleaning part’s size φ800x H1000mm
Tray size φ800x H150mm
Max Load capacity 200kg
Rated power 17kw
Cleaning pressure 0.45 Bar
tense customer visit2

TS-L-WP ultrasonic cabinet cleaner series Application:

Large parts and components of industrial and mining enterprises, such as large engines, compressors, oil pumps, hydraulic structural parts, etc. maintenance and surface cleaning during remanufacturing.

This equipment has PLC control, you can set the cleaning time, temperature;  Maximum load 4 tons.

Model TS-L-P1200 TS-L-WP1400 TS-L-WP1600 TS-L-P1800
Dimension(LxWxH )mm 2000×2000×2200 2200 x 2300 x  2450  2480×2420×2550 2680 x 2650 x 4030
Turntable Dimeter mm 1200 1400 1600 1800
Cleaning height mm 1000 1000 1200 2400
Load capacity 1 1ton 2 4Ton
Rated Power 35 35 39 57
Heating power KW 27 27 27 33
tense cv1
tense cv2

Post time: Apr-01-2024