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Tense industrial cleaning equipment factory was established in 2005; our cleaning equipment has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, EU CE, ROHS certification. Our cleaning equipment is exported to many countries, and has a long-term cooperative relationship with well-known brands such as Bosch , Caterpillar; Komatsu and other enterprises.


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    TSX series products are small cleaning equipment developed by us, which can meet the needs of different customer groups; suitable for household vegetable and fruit cleaning, but also suitable for commercial and industrial use; its unique design, small size, can be moved at any time in the working environment . 40khz deep ultrasonic penetration, the impact force of vacuum blasting can reach 800pa, the equipment adopts high-quality transducer to strengthen the vibration; the output is stable. The upgraded degassing can effectively discharge the air in the water, and the cleaning effect is better.


    -The cleaning machine equipment below 30 liters is equipped with a standard small rack to meet the cleaning needs of customers

    -The tank body is made of SUS304 material, with a thickness of 1.1mm. Sealed and watertight

    - 6L and above equipment is equipped with drainage device; equipment is equipped with cooling fan;

    - The transducer is installed in the bottom position of the cleaning equipment

    -40KHZ high frequency transducer has good cleaning effect

    -Insulation water design, prevent static electricity, high temperature, more safety

    - The use of high-performance components can evenly distribute the voltage, so that the ultrasonic probe can reach the same frequency vibration point and achieve a strong resonance effect.

    - One-piece stamping inner groove, no splicing solder joints and no water leakage

    -Good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, water leakage resistance, 304 printed stainless steel surface is resistant to dirt.

    -Porous heat dissipation design, fast heat dissipation, protection circuit to enhance service life



    Model Dimension(mm) Tank size(mm) Volume Ultrasound
    TSX-60ST 190×170×220 150x140x100 2ltr. 60W
    TSX-120ST 270×170×240 240x140x100 3ltr. 120W
    TSX-180ST 330×180×310 300x155x150 6ltr. 180W
    TSX-240ST 330×270×310 300x240x150 10ltr. 240W
    TSX-360ST 360×330×310 330x300x150 15ltr. 360W
    TSX-480ST 550×330×310 500x300x150 22ltr. 480W
    TSX-600ST 550×330×360 500x300x200 30ltr. 600W




    All kinds of stains can be easily removed; TSX series products can be used in the following scenarios:

    Home application:
    Daily use items such as gold and silver jewelry, jewelry, headwear, brooches, glasses, chain watches, pens, CDs, razors, combs, toothbrushes, dentures, tea sets, feeding bottles, etc.

    Optical Instruments:
    Optical lenses All kinds of glasses (including contact lenses), cameras, magnifying glasses, telescopes, microscopes, video cameras and other lens parts are bright and clear after being cleaned by TENSE brand ultrasonic cleaning machine.

    Jade Jewelry:
    In the process of grinding and polishing, a large amount of powder dirt will adhere to the jade and accessories, and these workpieces are often complex in shape and have many gaps, while the ultrasonic cleaning machine has the corresponding cleaning effect.

    Clocks and instruments:
    Watches, precision instruments eliminate the trouble of disassembling and assembling screws, gears, hairsprings, bracelets, etc. one by one, and only need to remove the shell to have the corresponding cleaning effect.


    TSX系列 可以清洗物品

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