Parts Washers & Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment, Ready To Ship!

After about 45 days of production and testing, this batch of equipment has finally been completed, and the loading stage has been completed today, ready to send to the customer. This batch of equipment includes sewage treatment equipment, spray equipment, ultrasonic cleaning machine. And other AIDS. 

Parts washers TS-L-WP1800, turntable diameter 1800mm, can be cleaned height 2500mm, tray maximum load up to 4 tons. The grease and carbon deposits on the surface of parts can be quickly removed by cleaning with high temperature water pressure. Very suitable for heavy oil cleaning. Generally used in the first link of cleaning. Need to be combined with cleaning agent. The recommended water temperature is 60 to 70 degrees Celsius.

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment: Model: TS-UD3000. This type of equipment is customized, the pallet load can reach 2 tons.The whole machine is centrally controlled by PLC, and all working parameters are set by touching the LCD screen. The operator places the parts on the material carrier through the hoisting equipment, and starts the cleaning equipment with one key. The parts automatically descend and sink into the aqueous solution of the tank body; during the cleaning process, the pneumatic lifting device moves up and down to reduce the dead angle of cleaning. After the cleaning is completed, the parts will automatically rise out of the water surface to complete a complete cleaning process.  

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment has undisputed advantages over conventional cleaning systems.  They are the best choice for degreasing, decarburizing and descaling engine parts and components.  since they achieve the best results for being able to access to the most difficult to reach parts, regardless of their complexity, and effortlessly.It can also be used in ship maintenance, aerospace and other fields.

Post time: Aug-03-2023